Student receives 2017 Annual Graduate College Outstanding Thesis and Dissertation Award

Fausto Annicchiarico Petruzzelli is one of only seven recipients of the 2017 Annual Graduate College Outstanding Thesis and Dissertation Award. He won in the Outstanding Master’s Thesis category for his work on A Wearable Device for Non-invasive Cardiovascular Monitoring.

Petruzzelli was recommended by ECE Department Head Rashid Ansari and Professors Mojtaba Soltanalian and Shane Phillips. He worked under the joint direction of Professors Ansari, Soltanalian, and Phillips.

“Fausto has research maturity and style uncommon among MS students and he appears to be destined for a successful research and entrepreneurial career,” said Ansari. “He is equipped with an extremely bright and creative mind coupled with a can-do attitude. He is extremely strong in the knowledge of theory, analytical skills, and practical implementation.”

“Fausto is a person who loves hands-on projects, and at the same time, has an excellent grasp of the instrumental theoretical foundations,” added Soltanalian. “He was one of those few students that get things done, which must be clear from his thesis work and hardware implementations. He was usually ready with results few days after each of our discussions!”

The Annual Graduate College Outstanding Thesis and Dissertation Award is given to the most outstanding doctoral dissertation or master’s thesis in each of the four Graduate Program divisions – Arts and Humanities, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences, and Life Sciences.

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