Dr. Soltanalian Receives the UIC Discovery Partners Institute (DPI) Seed Funding Program Award

Dr. Mojtaba Soltanalian has recently received UIC Discovery Partners Institute (DPI) Cycle 1 Seed Funding Program Award for his proposal titled, “Ubiquitous Radar Systems for Autonomous Vehicles and Advanced Safety in Urban Environments” in association with Dr. Amit Trivedi.

A total of 88 proposals were submitted for UIC DPI Cycle 1. All proposals were reviewed by at least three UIC faculty, with proposals scoring in the top 30 percent advancing to a second round of review conducted by the Office of Technology Management to assess intellectual property and commercialization potential. A final review committee selected the awardees based on the combination of exceptional intellectual merit and research excellence, as well as potential for commercial impact. These 10 selections include 20 faculty from five colleges; four of these are collaborations between colleges.

Kudos to Prof. Soltanalian for this outstanding success.

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