What we do

The Waveform Optimization (WaveOPT) Lab plays a leading role in several national and international efforts dedicated to research and education in signal processing and machine learning. Our research is focused on fundamental interplays between signal processing and optimization theory, and specifically different ways the optimization theory can facilitate better processing and design of signals for collecting information, communication, as well as to form a more profound understanding of data for enhanced machine learning, whether it is in everyday applications or in large-scale, complex scenarios. Our team efforts actively contribute to a wide range of application areas including those in sensing, communications, and biomedicine.

What is Signal Processing?

Latest News

WaveOpt Lab PhD student Graduates

Shahin khobahi successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled “Foundations of Model-Based Deep Learning: Applications, Interpretability and Performance Guarantees“. Congratulations Shahin!

WaveOPT Lab Student Receives Prestigious Award

Shahin Khobahi, a Ph.D. student at WaveOPT Lab, UIC receives the 2019-2020 Firdawsi Science Fellowship award. This scholarship is awarded annually to only one graduate-level Iranian student attending the University …